Monday, September 11, 2006

True,you may need one but you won't find her here

I am not your ride or die chick.
Leave that to the Charlies, Kims, and Trinas.
I refuse to be your down for whatever secret
while your wife/fiancé/girlfriend
keeps thinking that she’s playing half to a monogamous commitment.
I don’t do shapes
so take your love triangle elsewhere.
Oh, and forget what you heard
Fights with women who hold your last name and your seed
is not what I do for fun.
How can one dare argue with a sister
whose anger is fueled by betrayal
and heart is broken from lies?
What did you say?
Ain’t no fun if the homies can’t get some?!
Are you hearing me?
Must I repeat myself?
Since you care about your boys and ‘em so much
why don’t you personally take care of their case of the blues?
And no, there isn’t any room in my purse for your glock.
Live out your Bonnie and Clyde fantasies with someone else.
I will not play Elvira to your pseudo Tony Montana.
It is not …
will never be…
that serious.


Chapel said...


chocolathoughts said...

See guurrl... THAT'S WHY YOU MY KINDRED!!! You be makin the shit we talk sound so damn good!! LOL! We ain't thorough and we sho nuff ain't ride or die!!! Bump that, I'll be the chocolate X-Rated Betty Crocker in a business suit and stilletos though!!! LMAO

Anonymous said...

lmao!!! marly is tooo much and tooo true.

get it kat. period.


Anonymous said...

HAYYYYYYYYYYYY whats up...Im just readin andn reading an liking what Im reading!! GOod look