Monday, August 13, 2007

Talking real heavy to me...

There are times that I'm completely oblivious to the signs, too caught up and comfortable mastering left when I should head right. Unforseen transitions can be hard because I want to be ready. So once I catch a clue and peep the change coming my way, I frantically start packing my mental,emotional and spiritual suitcase, hoping to cram every and anything in there that may help me on my next journey. But there isn't always time for all that. And that's when my Higher Power makes a housecall and stands in my doorway, telling me to step out on faith that I was given all that I'll ever need.


Another Conflict Theorist said...

Peace Sis,

This reminds me that I definitely have to re-watch The Color Purple.

Take care.

Don said...

Step out on faith -- great advice for those who truly believe in God.